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Star Community, Inc.

Who We Are

Venture’s Day Habilitation Program

Star Community, Inc.’s Ventures Day Habilitation Program provides pre-vocational training, social interaction, leisure, recreational and retirement opportunities to individuals based on personal needs and desires.

In order to meet the desires and preferences of the individuals attending Ventures, Star works consistently and diligently to develop pre-vocational training opportunities on-site and in the community.  These opportunities will assist in developing life- long skills.

All Ventures crews are active in and around the local community, the pre-vocational crews provide services to the greater community as well as providing individuals with opportunities to learn or gain marketable skills.

Additional crew activities include community volunteering, arts and crafts, community outings, participation in community events, and therapeutic farm opportunities for animal husbandry.

 Residential Program

At the core of the many programs offered by Star are our residential services. Star has grown into a community of 10 unique residences – all located in an idyllic countryside setting, offering safety, serenity and peace of mind.

Star Community, Inc. offers individuals with varying special needs and challenges opportunities for residential living.  We provide Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA) and Family/Individual Support Services (F/ISS).

All who are involved are committed to assist individuals to lead a productive life in the community.  Star Community residential program takes pride in the wide array of social and recreational activities

 Star Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Center

The Star Equestrian Program serves individuals of all cognitive, physical and social abilities and aspires to improve the quality of life of each rider, volunteer and other participants by attending to their mind, body and spirit. 

Presently Star is the only program providing equine-assisted programing with therapeutic benefits in the Washington County region.  Star’s dedicated equestrian staff works alongside parents, caregivers, guardians, agency professionals, physicians and physical, occupational and speech therapists to provide the best results for each participant.  Every challenged rider is evaluated to assess abilities, goals and objectives and to design the most appropriate program.

Star offers many programs for various age groups and abilities.  Star Equestrian’s largest program is the Challenged Rider Program.  Challenged riders deal daily with the compilations of developmental disabilities ranging from downs syndrome to autism to cerebral palsy and the wide range of other lifelong disabilities. 

The Recreational Program represents the second largest group of riders.  The recreational rider program helps children who encounter daily struggles, but do not have a clinical diagnosis.  This program not only promotes riding activities, it promotes as well as exercise and a healthier lifestyle.  Recreational riders may also choose from the same riding increments as challenged riders. 

Star also offers Character Reins, a program teaching valuable character traits to at-risk youth.  This program focuses on partnering with agencies such as Cedar Ridge Boys Home and the Board of Child Care, and operates in conjunction with the students’ school day and collaborates with their social workers and teachers. 

New this year is Star’s Horses for Heroes Program.  Designed for Washington County and tri-state veterans, active duty soldiers, wounded service personnel and first responders this program uses equine-assisted activities and therapies to assist wounded warriors in physical and emotional healing. 

Another program Star Equestrian Center will be offering will be Hippotherapy, which is a form of physical and occupational therapy in which a therapist uses characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input to the rider.  This therapy establishes a foundation to improve neurological function and sensory processing, which can be generalized to a wide range of daily activities.



What We Do

   Star Community, Inc. supports and challenges adults with developmental disabilities through residential and day habilitation programs, and offers children and adults equine-assisted activities with therapeutic benefits.  Typical developmental disabilities include Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, Angelman’s syndrome and more.

   The Hagerstown facility covers 145 acres off Broadfording Church Road, and features three programs.  A Residential Program serves 40 adults with developmental disabilities living in 10 separate group homes.  A day habilitation program called Ventures serves more than 80 adults Monday through Friday.  The STAR Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Center and Farm serves abled and disabled adults and children.  The STAR Farm has three alpacas, two mini moos, two pot belly pigs, a miniature donkey, miniature horse, pygmy goats and bunnies.

   Additionally, Star Community has an indoor therapeutic swimming pool, a nature trail, two greenhouses, picnic areas, pavilion and a stocked pond with a wheelchair accessible fishing dock.

   Besides serving individuals with developmental disabilities in a very personalized way, Star Community is committed to raising awareness, to breaking down barriers and to opening hearts and minds.  Active at the local, state, and national level, Star is an effective voice for the people it serves and well respected for its persistent advocacy and activism.

   The agency was founded in 1970 as the Anita Lynn Home in Williamsport, MD by Richard and Audrey Tebbs whose third child, Anita Lynne, was born with profound disabilities.  Not wanting to place her in an institution as was customary at the time, they opened a home with a Christian environment that would provide intensive one-on-one training by a staff skilled in teaching mentally retarded children. 

   Today Star Community, Inc. is a private, non-profit facility licensed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration.

   Our mission is to provide a supportive and challenging living and working experience for people with developmental disabilities, and to do so with respect, dignity and love in the name of Christ.




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