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Young Life Washington County

Who We Are

Weekly Young Life Clubs around the county during the school year. Weekly campaigner meetings. (Bible Study) Summer Frisbee and campaigners. Yearly Summer camp trip to a Young Life property around the country. Gabriel's Walk/5k to raise money for camp scholarships. Spring Young Life Fundraising Banquet This agency works in Religion (Service Organization), Social Services (Kids Clubs), Culture and Quality of Life (Clubs) This agency is a registered 501c3.

What We Do

Our Vision Every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him. Our Mission Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. We accomplish our mission by ... Praying for young people. Going where kids are. Building personal relationships with them. Winning the right to be heard. Providing experiences that are fun, adventurous and life-changing. Sharing our lives and the Good News of Jesus Christ with adolescents. Inviting them to personally respond to this Good News. Loving them regardless of their response. Nurturing kids so they might grow in their love for Christ and the knowledge of God's Word and become people who can share their faith with others. Helping young people develop the skills, assets and attitudes to reach their full God-given potential. Encouraging kids to live connected to the Body of Christ by being an active member of a local congregation. Working with a team of like-minded individuals -- volunteer leaders, committee members, donors and staff. Our Values Living according to and communicating the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ. Carrying out our mission under the authority of Scripture and relying on the Holy Spirit to empower our ministry. Encouraging the welfare and spiritual health of those who do this ministry, that they may minister out of a consistent and growing relationship with Christ and His followers. Researching and developing innovative approaches to reaching uncommitted, disinterested kids around the world. Reaching adolescents of all social, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds throughout the world. Working with followers of Christ from a variety of traditions and local churches around the world. Welcoming all those whom God calls to our mission -- men and women of all races, staff and volunteers -- who are linked to a common purpose of introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ. Observing the highest standards of stewardship of all the resources placed in our trust.The presence of a positive role model is crucial to the healthy development of adolescents. In communities where Young Life is present, our leaders have the privilege of walking with kids during these pivitol years. Young Life is a non-denominational Christian ministry making a difference in the lives of kids through the friendship and influence of caring adults. Young Life provides role models, safe activities and a sense of signifigance to high school and middle school students in communities across the United States and around the world. Young Life offers kids: -The friendship of adults who take the time to relate to kids in their world. -A chance to gather and have fun in a safe setting outside of school. -An opportunity to consider the person of Christ in a non-threatening setting.


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